Homenetmen of New Jersey

1975  -  2000

SEPTEMBER 16, 2000

The Cutting of the 25th Anniversary Cake 
Left to Right Yeghpayr Berj Massoyan (NJ "Dro" Gomideh), 
Yeghpayr Zareh Haroutunian (Homenetmen New Jersey), Mr. & Mrs. Vahakn Hovnanian, 
Yeghpayr Antranig Der Ohannesian (Homenetmen Eastern Executive), 
Yeghpayr Vasken Kaprielian (Homenetmen New Jersey)

Yeghpayr Zareh Haroutunian presents a commemorative plaque
to the 25th Anniversary special guests Mr. and Mrs. Vahakn Hovnanian 

New Jersey's Members waving the Armenian, Homenetmen and Artzakh Flags
during Revolutionary Songs performed by Harout Pamboukjian 

Sheraton Meadowlands
2 Meadowlands Plaza, E. Rutherford 

Under the Auspices of
His Eminence Archbishop Oshagan Choloyan

Under the Patronage of
Mr. and Mrs. Vahakn & Hasmig Hovnanian

With the Participation of