Sunday March 14, 2004
under the patronage of Mr. Berj Massoyan

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New Jersey's Chairlady Nanor Khatchadourian
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Yeghp. Garbis Tossounian
Eastern Region Executive Scouts Director
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Ceremony's Godfather
Yeghp. Berj Massoyan
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left to right.
Kouyr Nanor Khatchadourian, Yeghp. Garbis Tossounian, Yeghp. Zareh Haroutunian, Yeghp. Hrair Baronian
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New Jersey's Scouts
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New Jersey's Scouts
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Ardzouvig becoming Arenoush
oath2.jpg (126894 bytes)
Aris/Arenoush taking the Oath
oath20.jpg (119189 bytes)
Ari/Arenoush receiving their "Poghgab"
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An Ari saluting his leaders
oath6.jpg (127785 bytes)
An Ari receiving his badges
oath15.jpg (178897 bytes)
Rev. Fr. Khatchadour Boghossian, blessing the "Poghgab"
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Chairlady presenting a plaque to Yegh. Berj Massoyan
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Scouts during their presentation
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Ari Hagop Sounboulian during the Comedy play
oath13.jpg (149409 bytes)
Entire cast of the comedy play
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Kayleegs during their presentation
oath5.jpg (245116 bytes)
Ardzouvigs doing the pyramid
oath22.jpg (191858 bytes)
Aris doing the pyramid
oath25.jpg (180991 bytes)
Yeghp. Garbis Kahvejian receiving a plaque for his long term contribution to the NJ Scouts
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Yeghp. Berj Massoyan with his wife cutting the cake
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Final Presentation
oath10.jpg (120913 bytes)
The traditional Cake

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